New Zealand Restaurants

Auckland’s Best Restaurants: Culinary Experiences Worth Trying


Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, is famous not only for its beautiful nature but also for its diverse gastronomic world. In this article, we will delve into the world of fine dining and culinary experiences offered by the best restaurants in Auckland.

Sails Restaurant

Sails Restaurant is a true gem in the world of Auckland restaurants. Located on the Vaadim coast, this exquisite venue is the perfect combination of superb sea views and outstanding culinary artistry. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood dishes and a wonderful selection of wines. At Sails Restaurant, you can enjoy dishes such as fried lobster and oysters, as well as seaside barbecue. The restaurant’s atmosphere makes it the perfect place for special occasions and sunset dinners.

Paris Butter

Paris Butter is a restaurant with French cuisine that offers modern interpretations of classic dishes. The restaurant’s chef is inspired by the French gastronomic tradition, but adds his own creative vision to the dishes. Paris Butter’s menu includes gourmet dishes such as duck liver and potato galettes, and it is constantly changing depending on seasonal produce. The restaurant also offers an impressive wine list with select wines.


Culprit is a unique restaurant that offers a sharking-mind experience. Here you won’t find a traditional menu. Instead, the food is served in small portions so you can try more different flavors. The restaurant specializes in mezze, appetizers, and small plates, including gourmet options like baked duck breast and crab cakes. One of the main highlights of Culprit is the amazing oven where different appetizers and breads are made. The place is perfect for those looking for an unusual and delicious experience.

Eight Restaurant

Eight Restaurant, located at Cordis Hotel, Auckland, offers an amazing buffet experience. This place is known for its variety of food and attention to detail. The menu features cuisines from around the world, ranging from Japanese sushi to Italian pasta. The restaurant is also famous for its desserts, which will satisfy even the most refined taste.

Auckland’s best restaurants offer a gastronomic experience that will leave unforgettable memories.