New Zealand Restaurants

A Culinary Journey through the Restaurants of Upper Hutt: Tastes and Impressions


Upper Hutt is a beautiful city in New Zealand that is known for its cultural diversity and gastronomic treasures. In this article, we dive into the world of culinary experiences offered by several famous restaurants in Upper Hutt to find out how they delight their diners with their cuisine and ambiance.

Bombay House 39 Restaurant and Bar

The first stop on our culinary journey is Bombay House 39 Restaurant and Bar. This restaurant offers an authentic Indian menu that delights with its abundance of flavors and aromas. Here you can enjoy dishes like tandoori chiken, chiken butternut, and other delights of Indian cuisine. The interior of the restaurant creates a cozy and elegant ambience, perfect for dining as a couple or with friends.

Ammu South Indian Restaurant

For lovers of South Indian cuisine, Ammu South Indian Restaurant is a paradise. This restaurant is famous for its varied and flavorful dishes such as masala dosa, idli, and mango lassi. Each dish is prepared using fresh ingredients and authentic recipes to provide diners with a true taste of South India.

Traditional Thai Restaurant

If exotic Thai cuisine is calling you, Traditional Thai Restaurant is the perfect place to visit. This restaurant offers flavorful dishes prepared using Thai spices and ingredients. Here you will find famous dishes such as tom kha gai, pad thai, and green curry. The atmosphere of the place immerses you in the atmosphere of Thailand, creating a unique experience.

Silverspoon Restaurant

Silverspoon Restaurant is a restaurant that offers a modern interpretation of diverse culinary traditions. Here you can expect dishes using local ingredients and culinary experiments that delight foodies. The restaurant also offers a rich selection of wines to accompany your dining experience.

No matter what your culinary preferences are, Upper Hatta’s restaurants are ready to delight you with a variety of flavors and comfort. They are great places to discover new gastronomic horizons and spend pleasant moments with family and friends. If you find yourself in this wonderful city, don’t miss the opportunity to try the unique dishes these restaurants offer and create memories that will be with you forever.